BOERFONTEIN was the name of a large farm in the Voor Paardeberg area. This farm was subdivided into several smaller farms and therefore lost its name. After researching the title deed we decided to re-use the original farm name: BOERFONTEIN, meaning “farmers fountain”.

BOERFONTEIN is situated in the scenic Paardeberg region. It’s surrounded by race horse breeding farms and award winning wine farms in “the Heart of Chenin Country”.

During the last decades the 2,5 ha farm was transformed several times.
From a vineyard into an olive grove, then into a rose garden and eventually as a horse farm with green lawns.

We planted some 600 olive trees, a few fruit, citrus as well as Pomegranates trees. In addition we laid out a vegetable garden, erected a henhouse, a duckpond as well as a pig camp was installed.