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Boland Landbou

Boland Landbou, also known as Landbouskool Boland or the Boland Agricultural High School, is a high school for boys situated on a farm in Paarl, Western Cape. The school offers the normal academic curriculum for Grade 8 to Grade 12, supplemented with specialised agricultural training.

Boland Landbou was established in 1962 on the farm Langerug by the Boland Agricultural Union, previously known as the Agricultural Union of the winter rainfall region.

It is always a pleasure to accommodate the family and friends of Boland Landbou Skool.  Accommodation near Boland Landbou has never been easier, Boerfontein Home of Olivision is only a 10 minutes drive from the school and offers affordable and comfortable, self catering accommodation to families of this marvellous school.